Institutional Distinctiveness

The Teachers of Sher Shah College, Sasaram unanimously proposes positive practices including fostering collaboration among student community and helps them to develop positive relations with others. The College, implements university curriculum through well planned and effective teaching learning activities blended with latest pedagogy approaches. Various approaches have been taken to enable students to meet their individual needs. Exposure to students throughout their educational program is provided by mentors, industry experts, professionals, and innovators. This enables them to be work ready.NSS volunteers are also motivated to reach out to the villages name UCHITPUR around Sasaram for social and educational development of the people. The students are facilitated to work on relevant problem related to society, industry through projects and complex problem solving. Students are enabled to work in an environment through regular industrial visits especially from BBA and BCA .Also they are sent to internships. The social skills are nurtured through various activities conducted by the NSS volunteers, cultural society at the College. Exposure to social issues and working on probable solutions: The students are exposed to the diverse social structure and their issues, particularly in the neighboring village UCHITPUR areas, through the National Service Scheme implemented at the Institute. The NSS volunteers undertake activities of spreading social awareness about various burning topics such as gender equity, women health, Swatch Bharat, etc. While doing so, they also become aware of the issues of the society think on probable measures to solve them. The College also organizes various programs for providing hands-on training to the students of latest technology adopted by the industry. The college promotes physical activities among the students to cultivate many important skills such as physical fitness, team spirit, confidence, decision making, mental strength, etc. of the students. Each year, the college organizes Youth festival, participates in different team events sports organized by the University such as events for the students comprising of various sports like cricket, volleyball, kabaddi, hockey etc. In these sports both boys as well girls participate and show their skills – their sportsman spirit and team-building abilities grow. The institute celebrates international Yoga Day each year. During the camps held at village UCHITPUR adopted by the Sher Shah College, Sasaram through NSS, various physical activities like Yoga, exercises, cleanliness drive, health checkup, teaching children’s of the village etc. are conducted. Along with giving freedom to students to evolve and grow at their pace, the college also believes in locating the responsibility for mentoring students upon the teachers who make sure that they are available to the students as they perform tasks. This allows the mentor to be able to clarify the young students’ questions and the subtle discrepancies from the norm or the expected outcome that many a times arise during the workflow. The college places significant importance on this aspect as it is in tune with the vision of the college, which is to nurture self-confidence and holistic development and broaden their vision towards nation-building.