Procedures and Policy

The college has followed a well defined procedures and policy in place for the maintenance and utilization of all its physical and academic facilities. The physical, academics and support facilities are maintained and governed by the various college committees. There are two important committee that is development committee and purchase committee. First of all, college takes the requisitions from different department like laboratory, ssports, library, etc time to time and conducts the meeting on the collected requisition. Then the department committee and purchase committee discuss and process the demands forwarded by the different departments according to their requisitions. After that, the college prepares the estimate on the basis of important development work in the required requisition. These development and purchase committee has
allocated the required funds for maintaining the physical, academic and other related infrastructure work of the college. The allocated funds are utilized under the observation of purchase committee. To maintained the infrastructure facilities and various equipments, the following steps are taken by the college : i. The College campus maintenance is monitored by the CCTV camera. ii. In the college, regular maintenance of computer lab equipments are done by the lab Assistant. iii. Regular cleaning of water tank is done by the college. iv. Regular maintenance of the water coolor and RO purifier is done by the outsourcing agent. v. Regular maintenance of wooden furniture like desk, table, chair, etc and electrification and plumbing for college are done by the outsourcing agent. vi. Landscaping , garbage disposal, pest control and maintaining of the college garden is done by the 4th grade staff and gardener. vii. In the college, there is a stock register in each and every department, who maintained the stock registered by the physical verification of the items around the year . viii. In the college, the department wise annual stock verification is done by the concerned head of department. ix. Maintenance of reading room and stock verification of the library book and newspaper and magazine are done by the library staff. x. In the college, maintenance and repairing of IT infrastructure such as computer, UPS, Internet facilities including Wi-Fi, LAN and broadband are done by the outsourcing agent. Updating latest software are also done by the computer Lab Assistant. xi. In the college, Air conditioner and generators, invertors and solar system are also maintained by the outsourcing agent and college electrician.