b11Sher Shah College established in 1975. In 1985 this college became constituent unit of Magadh University. In 1992 after the setup of Veer Kunwar Sigh University, this college became the constituent unit of it. I rejoined this college after 12 years, in May’2007. At that time condition of college was so pathetic that concurrent VC Dr. I.C Kumar had shown deep grieve for disreputable pathetic condition of this college. Special official of Rajya Bhawan Dr K Kumar ji shared the same opinion for this college. Present Huge magnificent structure is a result of construction & renovation of facilities done after June 2007. In between this , floors of old building, gates, windows and old plasters been renovated and modified to new form along with construction of new building of 50000 sqft area in ground floor. Along with this in first floor construction work of vitrified tiles floor of 16000 been accomplished for imparting new vocational courses in this floor. I am glad that from the beginning this college remains be the center of attraction for the backward and poor classes. Numbers of male & female in this college in term of percentage is about 30 to 35 and numbers of alone female students forms 30% of total numbers of all the students of this college. To impart the study of vocational courses like BBA BBE,BBS and industrial fish & fisheries and library science permission and guidance of well renowned professors , noble and experienced faculties of top universities already been availed.

It is famous for production of stone chips, and for quarrying industry. Major languages spoken in this region are Bhojpuri, Hindi, and Urdu; local religions include Hinduism, Islam, Sikhism, Buddhism, and Jainism

Sher Shah College, Sasaram (Rohtas) is a constituent unit of Magadh University Bodh Gaya (Bihar). It is registered under 2(f) and 12 B of U.G.C. The college is located in a poor and backward region of Bihar. A rain shadow area where poverty and illiteracy are prominent features of the locality. The majority population of this district is SC, ST and OBC. They are either landless or marginal/small farmers with few exceptions. The economic disparity is the root cause of left extremism.

You are aware that college heritage blessed with the shadow of two great personalities; they are not only the pride of the Bihar but also the proud of the world. Whole world believes in an extraordinary talent of Sher Shah Suri. He was the man who experiment the public welfare administrative system in India for the first time. As there were many emperor ruled in India but the systematization of society in new form is an extraordinary example set by Sher Shah Suri. This is a matter of pride that Sher Shah chose Sasaram as its capital. Today, group of educationists & learned people discussing new approaches, theories and implementing new projects/plans for the establishment of welfare administrative system but 500 years back Sher shah experimented and shown the real picture of welfare state. Today’s projects like Construction of the road, plantation of trees, facilities for drinking reminds us of Sher Shah Suri. Now it rests in our hand to carry forward the pride saga of efficient and talented emperor Sher Shah Suri. College story not ends here. This college is an integral part of Veer Kunwar Singh University. There is an intimate relationship between Veer Kunwar Singh and struggle movement for the freedom of India. Now it is a duty of the college to carry forward the pride of freedom fighter that devoted everything for the nation.

All necessary infrastructures are present in this college. There is an automated central library with internet facility. All laboratories are well equipped. The college imparts undergraduate and post graduate education in various subjects in Arts and Science. Degree level vocational education is also available in BCA & BBA.

  • (A) Undergraduate regular and vocational programs are:
  1. B.A. (Honours degree):- in English, Hindi, Urdu, Sociology ,History, Political Science, Psychology, Philosophy, Economics, Geography in L.S.W., AI & AS.
  2. B.Sc.(Honours degree) :- Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, Botany, Zoology.
  3. B.Com. (Honours degree) :- Commerce.
  4. B.C.A. (Vocational Honours):- Computer Applications.
  5. B.B.A. (Vocational Honours):- Business Administration.
  • (B) Post Graduate Programme: – M.A. in Hindi, Political Science, History.
  • (C) Information Communication Technology and Communicative English Skill Development Course.