Motto and Objective


Almighty God! May the knowledge studied by us (teacher & disciple) be enlightening, may we not be defeated in the field of knowledge anywhere by anyone.


The students have to develop life skills to equip them to face contemporary challenges. We must enable them to keep pace with the demands of the changing times, the technological advances, and the progressive changes in social & cultural mindset. They must always work with a vision to improvement and growth of self, society and the nation. As mentors to the future generation, our object is to facilitate them to realize their maximum potential and develop their hidden talents as per their aptitude. We must motivate students to imbibe work ethics through self-discipline and dedication and to develop a constructive approach with positive thinking. They must maintain high standards of excellence, always be quality conscious yet learn from mistakes and strive towards improvement. In this age of global competitiveness with stress on materialism our objective is to inculcate a sense of community development, team work dominated by selfless service and a commitment to positively contribute to the society and the nation. All members must learn to respect the dignity of labour and the plurality and diversity of human kind.

STAKEHOLDERS:- Communication to stakeholders is displayed through hoarding in the campus, notices, prospectus and college website.